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Writer, Director, & Producer, Rashone J. Washington Insists That Pursuit Of Happiness Is A Const

The entertainment guru stated that he started working in film about 12-years ago.

The Greensboro (NC) transplant said that he always had a knack for writing and expressing himself on paper, while in grade school.

“I never dug into it like that because I was playing sports as well, but around 2003, it started getting real heavy. I did poetry, and I would have pages of this stuff—I always said I could write a story about my life.

That’s basically what got me into it. I sat down, and started a TV show at the GGN-TV, to give back to the community, and put people on a pedestal,” said Washington.

“After I did my poetry, I began writing out show topics, and then I just went out into the community. I never went to school for this. I just had a vision and went for it, and that allowed me to write a story about my life.”

Apparently, Washington felt that it was his civic duty to expose the goodness blossoming throughout the area before buckling down and creating a dramatized production.

His show aired on Greensboro Public Access television from 2006 until 2010.

After the TV show, Washington worked on his first solo project, “One Foot in and One Foot Out.”

Clip from One Foot in and One Foot Out

“I didn’t know how to write a script or anything. I went online and looked-up my favorite film, to see how he put the script together, and that’s how I learned the formula. I met some people who actually showed me how to do it. They showed me the format and I was off and running, writing more and more.

The latest project is “Sins & Blessings,” which is on Amazon/ Amazon Prime, and available for pre-order.

The DVD will be out on January 17, 2017 with worldwide distribution.

Clip from Sins & Blessings/ MoBo Entertainment Feature

Marcus Massey, a Writer/ Director out of North Carolina, and from FaceBook, actually helped the crew members with respect to endorsing and connecting them to the right people. After that, they were able to launch “Sins & Blessings” on a popular and generous platform for widespread distribution.

Washington didn’t write the project, but he had a leading role as an actor. The Independent Director confirms that it was the best thing for him to do because after making his first film, all the actors went separate ways.

Though he doesn’t blame them in the least.

“The crew I formed disbanded because they were chasing the money. I can’t knock them, but that’s how I found out that this business is just business," he stated.

Washington decided to network in an effort to build another team. He felt that stepping outside the strongbox of what he normally did, and actually acting, was the next best thing to do, to showcase his untapped talent.

“For the past four years, I’ve been jumping on other people’s projects and doing a play or two, and it lead up to this point,” he said.

Washington did three leading roles, including a short children’s film called “Dance City.”

Dance City Short/MoBo Entertainment Feature

Not where he wants to be just yet, Washington is still grinding.

“I just submitted my information for a role that Oprah is doing. I see stuff, and I just throw my name out there. I keep moving and I don’t stop. I keep going, and looking for the next thing. I’ll keep writing at the same time.

We’re working on another project called "Consequences," which I’m co-producing. It’s between A Different World and Power. It’s about college students struggling to pay their tuition and different things are starting to happen, where they take separate paths, and some take the streets,” he said.

Absolute in his purpose, Rashone Washington is determined to keep plugging away and making a name for himself as a Writer, Director, Actor and Producer, even though he’s faced with many trials.

“As an African American, sometimes, if you don’t know someone in the business, it’s hard breaking in. You have to seek council, get attorneys, so you can get options for your script, or pitched to different companies. There aren’t many agents in this state that can represent you,” he said.

“You have to go to Atlanta or where I’m from, which is New Jersey, to find Lawyers and agents that will represent you and get you into some of these film festivals.

It’s hit or miss, and if you don’t have the right representation, you feel like you’re hitting a wall.”

It was difficult getting actors, keeping them engaged and focused on his projects. Often times, people want money before they can see the vision. That still didn’t stop Washington from doing film.

He says the most important factor that anyone should consider in film, is that you have to keep reinventing yourself, and you are only as good as the last project you put out.

He also states that if you have a crew and you are in this business, you need to come up as a team.

“If you have a couple good writers in your group and videographers, y'all need to keep banging out projects together, and making projects together. Y’all need to work together as a team, instead of running around getting pick-up work, with nothing really stable.

You have to be the head of your marketing and everything, especially if you are a writer because you aren’t backed by Paramount, or a large production company. You can’t just sit back with your hands crossed and do nothing. You gotta grind,” he resounded.

According to Washington, it’s important to stay in the network of like-minded thespians, producers, directors, and Social Network, which he pointed out earlier when he connected with Massey.

“If people used Facebook the way that it was meant, you can stay in the loop of a lot of things,” he concludes.

Washington works full-time, and doesn't plan to stop until he sees that Denzel money.

Morever, he will continue to Direct, Write, Act and Produce, because he loves being in the thick of the film industry.

Washington would like to work with other big names in the entertainment industry like Charles S. Dutton, Tyler Perry, Queen Latifah, and his favorite Actor and Producer, Ice Cube.

“Thinking about my dreams each day, and never pursuing it—that’s a problem for me. There’s a part of you that’s not being fulfilled. Even when I’m older, with grand kids, I don’t want to have those regrets. I want to try everything even if doesn’t work. I didn’t give up. I won't. I just think that you should fulfill and follow your dreams.”

As stated, Sins & Blessings is set to air in early January, however, Washington is still making media apperances.

For those specific inquiries, please contact his PR , April Weeks:

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