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#AllBlackTicketMaster Boasts Economic Change Within the Community

According to Marvin Wilson, founder of “,” his revamped electronic services will motivate spending’s in different districts throughout North and South Carolina.

“Promoters typically get tied into doing one event while promoting that affair, but we’ve never seen ordinary people from a business standpoint, to be able to take a piece of a major concert and make millions in revenue from it,” he said.

“Average individuals can connect themselves to that platform and make an unprecedented amount of money."

Wilson said that he created #TheAllBlackTicketMaster as a flexible and multinational venture.

It’s not so much a black thing, but a business situation.

Whether the person is a hair stylist, barbershop owner, or librarian, each individual can setup a Ticketmaster right from his or her place of employment.

“I have a strong IT Team that will build your website, or plug into the software that you have, and you would have inventory over a large number of tickets to sell, at any given time,” he resounded.

The design differs from Eventbrite and Groupon, where one proprietor sells tickets.

With “," everyone is his or her own business owner or Ticketmaster service.

The Salisbury, NC native started his business around 2009 as “Wilson Secret Travels."

Wilson chartered buses in addition to orchestrating high-class cruises around the world.

As a dreamer, you only go as far as those visions allow, so Wilson decided to do something else with his conglomerate.

He created Wilson Secret Entertainment/

Wilson acknowledges that many have launched successful ticketing services before him. He also states that he hasn't made his marker yet, and looks forward to what the future holds with his newest endeavor

What happened to the first Ticketmaster? is where I was at 2011 and 2014—from there, I took time off. I didn’t participate in the previous CIAA or anything. I had to look at it from a different perspective. I traveled to meet with people whom I’ve worked with before.

I learned a different perspective of ticketing, and came back with an idea of how to effectively market with a purpose behind it. Once I changed my purpose to servicing the people. I changed my perspective to circulating more money within the community.

When did you revamp your services?

It was May of this year. I had to fine-tune everything, and get the software, as well as the IT team. I needed to get everything done on the backside, so that it worked.

What are your numbers compared to Ticketmaster and Eventbrite? Do you evaluate?

Oh, yes. We have been doing analysis since the new software has been out there. With this new platform, and on most occasions, it would be Ticketmaster. Not much, but they vary between five and ten-dollars cheaper or five and ten-dollars more. It’s very competitive.

Why is it important to brand it as a “Black Ticketmaster? Why not just, the regular name?

I pondered over it, and I wanted to grab the attention of people, to understand how big of an idea it is. It’s not about me being a black man, but sometimes, you have to approach the market with capital.

I’m trying to shift the paradigm of people, especially with black people, to not be so much as a consumer, but an owner.

Is it easier to get funding when you limit your brand name? We still live in a world where racism exists—how does that affect your business when you’re reaching out to other companies for funding?

I look at it two ways… It’s a black Ticketmaster because I am a man of color, or it could be a Black Ticketmaster, because I’m not Ticketmaster.

I know how hard it is in business because of color, but at this point, now, the services are so vast that it can go for any color and any culture.

Black Ticketmaster is not the company name, but I’d rather use that label right now, to inform people that there is something else out there aside from Ticketmaster.

I really want to add this, when people become part of this, they don’t have to say that they are part of “The Black Ticketmaster,” people can customize their business as they see fit.

What kind of concerts did you bring to Charlotte under the new system?

“More recently, we did “Keith Sweat: Make it Last Forever Tour” in addition to Mary J Blige and Maxwell: King and Queen of Hearts Tour .

What more can shareholders expect from your services?

Well, we have some big concerts coming. We have Kanye West in Columbia, South Carolina, as well Rick Ross. We also have the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets vs. New York Knicks. We have a lot of stuff coming up for 2017.

Where is the new location?

The location is close to downtown. I have a call center attached to it—it’s 3010 Monroe Rd, Suite 206.

What’s going on with the Wisdom Foundation?

The foundation is taking off nicely. We’ve actually been able to spill off some of the proceeds that’s coming from the tickets, into the non-profit organization.

We’ve partnered with, Mr. John Pace, President of MSK, which is a global platform. We recently had a news conference at UNC Charlotte. We’ve partnered with a lot of organizations.

“My Sisters Keeper” has been the biggest platform and that stands for sex traffic and domestic abuse, with Charlotte and North Carolina as number one in that area, which is really surprising.

We are trying to chime into our HBCU’s and stuff like that. A lot of our Kings and Queens are going through things, and we don’t have an idea of what’s going on. We are trying to change the dynamics of what entertainment can be.

Are you working on any other business ventures?

I took a leap of faith and I got my financial awareness up. I’m currently running "" This portion is the personal credit business entity. "" for business owners, and "" is the branded #BlackTicketMaster. My "Meta-Marvin" speaking platform and universal mindset, also known as #TheSecret, is bringing a lot of wonderful things into manifestation!

I have a mentor, Mr. Malcolm Pope, who’s in Atlanta. We’ve chimed in, and I’ve taken a partnership and have taken the flagship for myself, here, in Charlotte.

It’s always been a hardship for many people, unless you have a rich family member, to get out there and step away from a nine-to-five.

Sometimes, business owners don’t have the money to keep their businesses afloat. I’ve been in both cases, so I took it upon myself to do it because I love helping people, and I feel as though it’s a solution that I wanted to be accountable for.

The thing about it is, how many brick in mortar (physical business) places can you walk into like a tax office, and people can fix your credit? There’s always a gimmick.

Marvin Wilson


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