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While Halloween is the bedazzling time of year that everyone dresses to the flippen nines in their favorite costumes, to paint the town with family and friends, in cool grabs, face makeup/alterations, and energy levels on one-thousand for a night of trick-or-treating.

It was the best opportunity to highlight some of the action.

In an effort to keep up with traditions, INterrupted decided joined in the fun, but in a more unique way-- we've scoured #instagram in search of the masterful insta-makeup-babes!

And what is insta-makeup-babe?

Well, geeesh! Glad that you asked!

They're the best makeup artist across the map, who shared their souls on Instagram and FaceBook.

Their creative work not only transformed facial features, but brought a whole new meaning to makeup artistry...

These #screamqueens came through in a clutch!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We know!! There are others!!! Let's revisit how this worked-- if you showed interest by liking our Instagram page, we stalked you... if you liked our Facebook post, we kept our eyes on you and your work!!

If your post showed up in that other dynomo feature per Instagram called "EXPLORE, we snagged the photo because let's face it, your beautiful work was free for all!

We plan to do the project again in February themed around "My Bloody Valentine."

By the way: Click individual photos to ensure proper credits👻

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