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The Myrtis Simpson Walker Youth Leadership Foundation, Inc., put on a Kids Kandy Land Fashion Show

Founder of the MSWYouth Leadership Foundation: Cynthia Johnson (Graduated from Bethune Cookman University with a degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Hampton University).

Cynthia Johnson, created the wonderful program in honor of her late grandmother, “Myrtis Simpson Walker.”

The MSW Youth Leadership program is a service to help empower children grade level 3 through 8, to become leaders and entrepreneurs at an impressionable age, which will be a constant pillar within their lives.

Speaking of the inspiration behind such a brilliant organization, Myrtis Simpson Walker lived in Pensacola, Florida—she was a strong advocate for the minority, and she was also the first African American teacher to integrate into the Florida School system.

Johnson, a remarkable philanthropist as well as a counselor with the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system, is the perfect matriarch to carry out her grandmothers legacy through abundant work, leadership, virtuous integrity, and unbending commitment.

She exudes confidence as well as a selfless demeanor... Johnson is compassionate and understanding and she prides herself on assisting the families within the communities by going beyond the call of duty.

By doing so, she created the non-profit organization, in an effort to not only offer outside resources for child life development, but to be a resource herself with little funding...

In addition to her gallant acts, this past weekend, Johnson put on her philanthropic fedora and painted one area of Charlotte in colors from the rainbow.

To be more specific, on October 22,2016, Johnson hosted the "Kids Kandy Land Fashion Show, which was themed around sweet and tasty treats.

The fashion show was held at the Loca Projects Art Gallery on 1429 Bryant Street.

Spunky children from the Freedom Drive and Coulwood area, ripped the runway like professional models, wearing colorful headpieces, blue hair, candy printed lips that were decorated with skittles, and vibrant eye-shadow.

Some kids giggled while running through, and others strutted their stuff with "Top Model- I-Came-To-Slay," training and poise--but all in good fun.

Over 100 people came out to show their support for a night full of magic, mystery and meaning.

Tab D'Biassi(The Million Dolla DJ), worked the turntables and even took a few pictures of the kiddos breezing through.

A couple guest speakers (children) hit the floor, to express how the MSWY Leadership Foundation helped to thrust them into an accelerated level of accomplishment.


Candy Crush Theme

Looks created by Kimberly Weddington


Chocolate Factory Theme:

Accesory Designer: Danielle Aylesis Laneir/ Dipz and Dotz


Thriller Theme

There were many others that helped to make the evening an out-and-out success:

Candice Caldwell, Starlett Beam, Gabrielle Reese, Candice Rushing, Kimberly Weddington, Learndra Garrett, S. Jene Shell, Diaysha Smith, Brooklyn Willard, Amber Mack, Bri Jefferson, and J.R. Logan Photography

If you'd like to know more about the program:


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