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An Evening Of Celebration With American Painter, Hunt Slonem

On October 12, 2016, The New Modern Art Gallery at 435 South Tryon St, Charlotte NC, celebrated its 5 year anniversary.

Jubilant chatter thundered throughout the brightened room where about 40 people hobnobbed and marveled at the eccentric paintings hanging from the walls.

A golden mural ornamented with bunnies and draped in a porcelain texture, hung at the entranceway.

If a person stared long enough, they'd notice the parakeets pearched contentedly in the center of the print(art inside of art).

Each wall bared a painting that transmitted a story-- a peace and calm, with simultaneous intensity. The feverant adaptation to life, culture, and nature, best captured by the whimsical guest of honor: International and renowned artist, Hunt Slonem.

While speaking to the Director of the gallery, Irina Toshkova, she clarified that it took many days to prepare for the artists arrival-- "It only took 15 minutes to hang the mural," she joked.

"It was a fun process. We wanted to make it feel like home for Hunt Slonem," she spoke with a cheerful glint in her eyes.

Toshkova a native of Sofia, Bulgaria, earned a degree from Salem College, in art history and arts management; however, she interned at the Joie Lassiter Art Gallery while in school. Toshkova eventually became the art director at the museum in 2006.

She went on to earn a MPA at UNC, while still catapulting her career in the fine arena of craftsmanship.

In 2011, Toshkova began her creative journey at the New Gallery of Modern Art.

Morgan Mathieu is the gallery administrator, and she has been with the illuminated mezzanine for one year. Together, both women work passionately, to create an electrifying and curtain-raiser atmosphere for their visitors and patrons.


Hunt Slonem( Neo Expressonest Artist/ Active Since the 1970's) Signing Books

As an observation, the event was delightful, to say the least. It lasted around 3 hours, welcoming many from the uptown area as well as patrons from abroad-- all lovers of exquisite things. All admirers of modern and contemporary artwork.

Photo Credits: INterrupted

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