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An Evening Of Celebration With American Painter, Hunt Slonem

On October 12, 2016, The New Modern Art Gallery at 435 South Tryon St, Charlotte NC, celebrated its 5 year anniversary.

Jubilant chatter thundered throughout the brightened room where about 40 people hobnobbed and marveled at the eccentric paintings hanging from the walls.

A golden mural ornamented with bunnies and draped in a porcelain texture, hung at the entranceway.

If a person stared long enough, they'd notice the parakeets pearched contentedly in the center of the print(art inside of art).

Each wall bared a painting that transmitted a story-- a peace and calm, with simultaneous intensity. The feverant adaptation to life, culture, and nature, best captured by the whimsical guest of honor: International and renowned artist, Hunt Slonem.