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An Entrepreneur With A Heart...

Participants pose for a picture

Kevan Glover, owner of the Konnected Magazine, Konnected storefront, and founder of the Queen City Awards, is stretching his hands out to assist families in the community.

On June 4, 2016, Glover launched the Pearl Oden's 5 on 5, Hoop 4A Cause, Basketball Tournament at 610 East 7th St. Charlotte, NC( The Carole Hoffner Center).

How about that alley-oop!

The coed competition encouraged good sportsmanship, diversity and inclusiveness, where men and women waged war on the court for a rousing game of b-ball.

Proceeds from the event will send 10 kids to the Konnected Experience Summer Youth Camp free of charge, although Glover plans on sending a total of 50 kids to camp this year. Glover understands that while middle class is still suffering traumatic blast from the instability of this economy, he didn’t want the children to miss out on fun because of it.

Glover said that many parents don’t have the money or resources to send their children to camp. Although working parents do the best that they can, sometimes, camp can be too expensive.

He also said that his mother wanted to do something in the community, like running a camp, but she passed away from cancer… He’s honoring her name with the “Pearl Oden's Hoop 4A Cause."


“I see a need to get out in the community more-- we plan on doing a kickball event in August, and we are working on a community festival October 1st. If people are interested in donating money or assisting us, they can visit

We need to take our communities back—we can’t expect anyone else to raise our kids. We need to take onus, and go out here, and help everyone,” said Kevan.

Cedrice “NuffCed” Brown, offered a few words about the event: “It’s really interesting, Kevan said that his mother always wanted to send him to camp and just wasn’t able to do so. He made a promise to her that he’d put an organization, or a group together, so he could help other parents,” he said.

“A lot of kids do not eat full nutritional meals during the summertime, so with that being said, raising the money, all the proceeds go towards the funding for camp, so that kids can go.

Parents don’t have to worry about their kids being hungry at home, while they are out working, and trying to make ends meet. You gotta realize, society is not easy to live in these days, and you always gotta have a helping hand... Konnected is good about that,” he said.

Pictured in the lobby, Cedrice "Nuffced" Brown/ @nuffcedultimate host for Facebook and Instagram

Glover with oldest daughter Giselle

Image of Glover with oldest daughter, Giselle

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