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The Face Behind the Brand

Leslie Wright considers herself to be the go-to person for most events hosted on the East Coast. It's been denoted by her network of friends that she is the S.O.S person, or in other words, the “emergent coordinator on standby for life and business development,” which is a pretty large position to fill.

While it could be a daunting task to plan events 24 hours a day and on demand, Wright does it with unperturbed easiness….

Leslie Wright is a native of Landover, Maryland, whom is a transplant residing in Greensboro, North Carolina. She is the Director and Founder of Partiez By Leslie, an event planning company, in addition to, LeslieM Brands Home Decor & Bedding.

As a young entrepreneur, she’s traveled to over 17 cities with her own women's empowerment expedition called “Ladie’s Night IN: Farwell Tour."

Wright says that although she will still maintain her other businesses, this is the last year that she’s traveling with the summit, and hopes to inspire as many women as she can in the process.

The Ladie’s Night In: Farewell Tour, launched on February 27, 2016, in Greensboro.

During the warmer climates of 2016, Wright plans to move the empowerment conference from state-to-state. The event will end on June 18, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.


Ladies Night In: Farwell Tour

The reason behind the event


“We want to offer an example for women, who are living their dreams as business owners, and providing support to those that want to start one," Leslie said.

“Our purpose it to evoke emotion and revive the senses of a woman so she can fully retain the information given to her from speakers, while enjoying the refreshments at the event. We know that once a woman's basic needs are met in any given environment she is more in-tune to invest her energy,” she said.

“My entire reason for developing such a broad meeting place and atmosphere is to help stimulate the economy so that we can have more women creating job opportunities, and creating legacies. I, especially, want to create a legacy for my son. I want him to live an amazing life after I'm gone,” she said.

“This is my 4th year for tours, and while it's my last tour, I'm working on a book that will essentially recap the things that everyone else has missed--a lot of fun & empowerment.

Wright the enthusiast said, “Lastly, we want to empower women to stay on a constant pursuit so that they can assist others. We facilitate this through the vendor involvement and giveaways. We connect women to women from all over the country.”

The next "Ladie’s Night In: Farewell" Tour is being held at the Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta, Georgia on May 28, 2016 from 5:00pm-9:00pm.

Email: (336)937-0189

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