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Spring Time in the Carolinas

On Saturday, I decided to take the kids to the park… I figured it’d be a good day to let them run wild without having to spend a whole lot of money on allotted time… Sure Monkey Joes is great and all the other little Gymboree’s are loads of fun too… However, the park is a place for everyone, free of charge, no strings attached, just natural merriment at no cost.

The plan:

This is where my little project began… It started as a simple trip, on a warm spring day, with the family. I figured the kids could get out of the house and burn whatever vitality they had left in their little combustive bodies( anyone with kids can relate to this)… Children yawn with extreme energy for no reason. I mean they are up and at’em—and in a hurry as soon as they awake from sleeping… and this is when they decide to get into things that they shouldn’t. They can tear up a house without a demolition crew cause they got all this extra oomph inside of them that’s just dying to get out.

SO, anyways… the park seemed like a pretty good idea if I do say so myself… well, I decided that this would not be a fun- filled trip just for them. I, too, would join in the blissfulness by photographing people and their pets…

The reason:

See, the thing is… Politics tend to bring the worst out of folks. I never really understood the reason that there is so much aversions that pounces around elections. Hatred and racism rears its manipulative head and everyone just follows suit. Why?

Look, let’s get this straight once and for all… The elections are going to happen with the primary candidates whether we like them or not. Okay!

It doesn’t matter who shows up at these rallies! It really doesn’t… You get so worked up over media propaganda that you forget the most important thing…. you’ve wasted a moment of your life… your bickering won’t make a difference a year from now... as crazy as this sounds… you’re waging war that’s encouraged by unexceptional distractions. You’re giving your moment away for free… at the end of the day, each day, you’ve wasted nothing more than time that you won’t ever get back. Most of you haven’t even considered the beauty of life without the weight of politics… And I'm not talking about everyone... Just the ones that really get so involved with this debate... YOU will get your chance to vote, trust me! For now, consider all the variables of what it is you want from your government, and then go vote.

Aside from that very simple revelation, I just wanted to show you how meaningful life is without repercussion of legislation, philosophy, dogma, and political views …

I was so in awe with the love and diversity displayed during this one trip to the park that I wanted to share it with you…

I took pictures of people, their pooches, candied moments of normal individuals without suits, relishing the weather, and living—hey, just between you and me, I actually think they enjoyed it—living, that is...

Life is easy... It is very easy. It doesn't need to be difficult... I just want you to remeber this simple thing considering we are already halfway through Monday-- You want peace, and yet, you allow yourselves to become so easily divided...


Doting dads, children, and loving wives... FAMILY



Rock climbing... and friends just hanging out...



Babies first time on the swings!!

Hey, I even took a picture with someones beloved Pitbull....



The labradoodle was ready for her closeup!



It was a spectacular day



My handsome nephew


Photo credits: INTERRUPTED

Location: Freedom Park

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