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Photo Credits: Music World Ent--"Old School Back" a single from their latest album, "Old School Hip Hop Past, Present, and Future," is set to hit airwaves soon.


BlushHh by Definition:

Beauty Lives Under Stoned Hearts


Rumors about the entertainment mogul, Mathew Knowles, signing the Houston based trinity of BLUSHHh-Music, circulated around various social networks for at least 2 years. We aren’t sure who leaked the information first, and we really don’t care... INterrupted is just happy to report that the widespread natter is true!

Knowles execution actually worked splendidly. His plan to rejuvenate, restructure, and redirect BLUSHHh-Music was sweet honey to our willing ears.

Sunni, Tali, and Bunnie Ray, the talent behind "BLUSHHh-Music," initiated in 2013, however it wasn’t until the trio collided with Mathew Knowles that their careers really took off.

When we asked the girls what’s the difference from when they started and now, they said having artist development was a major attribute, and that they didn’t have it before. Mr. Knowles requires that all of his artist go through boot camp. While in this progressive phase, the girls were given vocal training, physical training, formation, transition, connect with their audience during shows, speaking with the crowd, as well as performance training. The girls said this is the least of what they do.

Although the music industry spits out fresh acts on the regular, we’ve yet to see space-age entertainment that has the capability to rattle our brains with thought provoking sounds, until this group surfaced.

The group delivers a complex old-school vibe that is evocative of the early 90’s hip-hop with a comprehensive lyrical flow.

BLUSHHh-Music spits bars, performs, as well synchronize with tones that places you in a “TLC,” “Pussy Cat Dolls,” “Destiny’s Child,” and yes; even “Black Eyed Peas” zone… No, “Black Eyed Peas” was not a singing group. However, they had Fergi, whom added her own flava to the mixture of creativity.

If we haven’t learned anything in the past from Mathew Knowles, we’ve learned that he doesn’t make a move with artist unless they are the real deal…

The flamboyantly cool members of "BLUSHH-h-Music," dropped in to give our readers updates on their latest endeavors…


Sunni: Rapper

Tali: Singer

Bunni Ray: Rapper


When asked whose idea it was to blend old-school with new music, Tali said, “I’m more of the creative element in the group, the singer. You know, a lot of stuff starts with melody and when you’re just humming something… the old school came about because people said that we reminded them of old-school artist. We had that theme of what’s not out right now, and what they’re missing,” she replied.

“Even though we’re young, they knew that we paid attention to what we were listening to while growing up. So, that’s what we rolled with and we actually responded to that. We wanted to beat people to the punch and tell everyone exactly who we are by bringing that old-school hip-hop back. Our single is “Old School is back.” We’re telling you exactly what we’re bringing back as a group, with the melodies, the notes, the lyrics and the hooks… I’m the writer for majority of the songs. I’m the blueprint. I can say that, but Bunni and Sunni are responsible for their verses and what they bring to the table with their lyrics. We all have an input at the end of the day,” she responded coolly.

Aside from starting the group, working with Mathew Knowles was another feat for BLUSHHh-Music. “It is very humbling,” they each echo excitedly.

“Mr. Knowles is one of the greatest mentors and managers that you could possibly have in the business. His expertise, we trust it. He told us to trust the process and now we are here. He set a blueprint for us, and once we followed the blueprint, it was gonna be success. Now, we are starting to see things just pay off,” Tali said.


Sunni said that she has a hard-hitter style of rap, similar to "MC LYTE" because of the voice she has, and not many people hear that nowadays. “My voice takes people back to the MC LYTE and Queen Latifah era. You can’t help but feel that when I’m rapping. I could be rapping over a Future beat and my voice will still be the same. It doesn’t matter what I do or where I’m at, that’s the cadence that I have. That’s the flava that I mix into our sound.”

Sunni said that the thing that sets “BLUSHHh-Music” apart from other singing groups is the fact that they have 2 rappers and a vocalist that delivers superior sound. She says that their chemistry is something that people magnate to, and a lot of people love it when they hear it. “Our sound is so different and unique, its’ not being done in the hip-hop game,” she said.

Sunni added that they identify with Generation X as well as the Millennials. “It’s a little bit of both. I mean. I did grow up in this generation. So, it does have some sort of influence on me. I cannot help my voice, the way I sound and what I listen to, and what I’m influenced by. But I have learned to mesh the two, the new era, and the old-school era, so that everyone can feel me. From my mother’s friends down to my friends, that’s just the way it is,” she said.

Bunni Ray:

When asked how the fans responded to BLUSHHh-Music, Bunni wasted no time in letting us know, “Our fans love us. They always say that we bring a feel-good vibe to their ears. They say that we make them feel good about the good times, you know?! I think it’s really cool that our fans can relate to us and what we talk about—we always bring a positive message” she said.

As the newest member, Bunni said she loves the group. “We have sisterhood that’s undeniable. We bond so well. We have the dynamics that make us "BLUSHHh-Music." I would not trade them for the world,” she said.

Bunni confirms that she was just a regular person still in-tune with music when she met the others through social media. “Actually, I came across them on Instagram and they were like, ‘When can you give us a call?’ and I was like, ‘I can call whenever.’ They asked if I could meet them at Music World, and I made that jump. It was an instant connection. The girls all grew to really love each other,” she said.

We asked the artist how she manages to keep her lyrics fresh and lucid, and said that she had to research other artist going into the group, “As a child, I used to listen to Bone Thugs & Harmony. I had this thing that I really liked fast rapping, and I felt like, ‘how could you get your point across to the people while being able to rap fast. So, that’s where that kind of came from,” she said.


Tali explained that when Bunni started, she was the runner-up with someone else. “She knocked the other person out of the park, by far, within 2 days. Mr. Knowles said, 'Give her a trial run. Give her a 2 week trial and let’s see because you never know for sure…' but, we knew right off the back because we had someone that was killing it. Our energy was real timid while we were performing, and we were half doing the steps—and then here comes Bunni,” she laughed.

“That’s how her name came about. When she gets up, she’s just excited. She does the moves and performs it. Finally, she just learned it, and when she brought that energy, it boost us up,” Tali acknowledged.

Tali went on to say that although they were great at performing, and being rhymesters, Bunni showed them that she was just what the group needed to take things to the next level without holding back.

Sunni is the popular sanguine who’s always smiling and being the voice of enthusiasm, whereas Tali is the powerful choleric, who is the leader by default… She says she’s the singer that acts like the rapper.

There are many positive changes that’s taken place since the group began in 2013… “For starters, growth is always important,” said Tali.

“To see where you were, when you thought you were ready, and when you thought you should have been out to the world—you realize that you been through some changes. Life with those members changed. You look at your new group now, and you’re like, ‘You know what, God has a way with things and it worked out for the better at the end of the day.’

“We had faith to keep going and we never stopped. I think with that, we looked at the new member of the group, and realized that it happened for the better. I’m glad that we all trust each other. Mr. Knowles trusts us, and the team trusts us. That’s what I look at today and the beginning stages of the old group."

Of course, we noticed the mad swag that BLUSHHh owns right off, and we were curious if having talent, fashion sense, and knowing how to perform is the key ingredients to an artist’s success, “I think it’s a little component. It’s a good quality,” Tali chuckled. “Nowadays, it’s social media, reality shows, and you have so much that’s visual that makes it different when Destiny’s child was out. At that time, they didn’t have all of that, but we have it now, so it's stuck on us.

You must have the whole package of personality, your body, your image, the way you look at a person, your questions, how close you and your groups are. I think that’s what makes BLUSHHh so needed right now. People want another female group. They want to see unity."

Tali said that she doesn’t write her lyrics down. She utilizes the situations from life, and just go with it.

As an artist, Tali said it was hard for them to go at it on their own in the industry and that it was weird looking at the bigger picture. They were so hands on with styling themselves, and doing so much… “You gotta respect the grind, and when someone comes in and gives you that, to lift that weight off of you by allowing you to be artist, it feels good,” she said.

“Even though Bunni came in when we got signed, she was able to see that and be a part of that and she realized that it was a lot to deal with. As an independent artist, it’s good to have a team that can take the weight off, and I can focus on my part in the group, and that’s what each one of us is excited about—just fulfilling our element in the group and focusing on the big picture,” she said with seriousness.

If that wasn’t an impressive enough answer, Tali expounds more on where the group is headed with regards to being on TV. As it turns out, Destiny’s Child took the world by storm, and we were only allowed to see the performances, maybe the “MTV Cribs, but never the journey to their success. “In the near future, you’ll get to see our development. It’s exciting to see the world’s response. You put yourself in a vulnerable state, and to see the worlds response to that vulnerable state—you’re really sharing a piece of yourself. It also teaches other independent artist that, ‘Hey, this is the process once you hand it over, you have to trust other people and just be prepared.”

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