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The Entrancing Sounds of Anthony David...

Photo Credit Purpose Music Group LLC.

It’s no huge surprise that songster, Anthony David, a Two-time Grammy & Soul Train award nominee, is charging into 2016 with an accelerated rhythm.

The Savanna native clearly isn’t new to the music scene.

Moons ago (2001), David decided that he needed to uproot from his hometown of Savanna, Georgia and relocate to the musical embryo of the world, which happens to be Atlanta.

While in Atlanta, David met with longtime pal, India Arie. The melodious chemistry between the two vocalists were undeniable—and they began working on a string of projects together.

We discussed the theory, “it’s not what you know but who you know when David began working with Arie. He said, “Well I wouldn’t even know her if it wasn’t for the talent. We hung out for that reason. I mean, I knew her before when we didn’t even do music, you know what I mean. So, yeah. That definitely helped. There’s people that I consider more talented than me, there’s people that don’t have what I have, and there’s people that I consider less talented than me, that has more than what I have. All of it plays a part. You got to get exposed to people in some kind of way. But, you got to do good when you’re out."

David used his cunning flair for writing and production to help garner the success of Arie's first 3 albums. The LP’s received Grammies, head nods, and many other awards.

I asked David how he keeps his fire and edge when writing songs. He said, “When you do it, a lot of times you think its fire, and then you wake up in the next morning and it sounds horrible. I like to go off on things that’s real. I try to pick something out of everyday life. As I’m going throughout the day, I record something into my phone, as much as I can, the beat and melody of it. Then when I get into the studio and hear it loud, I’ll know if I need to get other people to try and flush it out. It’s a long process of chiseling away. A lot of times you don’t really get the song you were really trying for days away. Sometimes when I’m on the guitar, practicing on another thing, and it turns into another groove. That happens really fast,” he said.

Photo Credit Purpose Music Group LLC.

He toured while singing backup for India Arie—she primed David by allowing him to open the stage for her during their second tour. Because of his national excursions with Arie, David penned a deal with an independent label called Brash Music.

David wrote and co-produced 2 commended albums, “3 Chords & The Truth and Chronicles” under the labels

The exposure with Brash helped him to secure deals in other countries like Europe and Japan with other music brands.

David continued to travel, while writing chart-topping-hits for India Arie. The two were nominated for a Grammy in 2008.

Earning a credible name for himself, David began working on his next album, “As Above, So Below”—he trapped another deal with E/1 Purpose records, before venturing to Nashville Tennessee to work with producer Shannon Sanders. They produced what is considered to be David’s finest and influential album. The lyrics tugged at the truth surrounding racism, politics, and religion. He released thought triggering singles from the album such as “Reach Ya , God Said,” and his leading song, “4evermore”… The radio stations flaunted his sweltering vocals, granting him a hit record.

Coincidently, David’s music hit the UK and Kenya. The tour encouraged David to take part in the Give Africa Hope Campaign—they generated awareness about the starvation in East Africa. He dropped 3 new songs, shot videos, and remixed songs from his previous albums.

The remix of "As Above, So below" was used for the track “Location Location Location”. The LP was a reverence for Carl Sagans “Pale Blue Dot.”

David said that some of his favorite shows was with Larry Hawthorne, Eric Roberson, and of course India. “I play with a lot of different people. Everyone is kind of in their own lane. I like different things about them,” he concluded.

David is currently in Atlanta creating more hits. When asked about his endeavors, he said, “Well, I’m working on the record, been doing some TV, and of course, we got the festival coming up this summer. I’ve done acting over the last year. I did some work with Oprah that should be coming out this year. I did theater over the summer. So, this last year was spent doing that. I’m always touring,” he said.

David’s single “4evermore” propelled to the #1 spot on Urban AC radio last year. As he mentioned above, he’s made movie scores, and has stretched his talents beyond comfort, while landing himself in a play called "Chasin Dem Blues."

He’s also a mentor with AWOL (All Walks of life), an arts program for children that in Savannah, Georgia.

The pragmatic crooner consistently delivers. He’s releasing his latest single, “A Simple Man”, this winter under the independent record label, Shanachie Entertainment.

Clearly, David keeps the buzz going, he collaborated with Candigirl Music/ NIA recording artist Carmen Rodgers for their single entitled "Charge" which will also be featured on his new LP during the summer 2016.

David’s vocals are mesmerizing to the ear—his style is a mixture of cool and velvety music. He sings about love, life, and meaning--thought provoking grooves that attracted President Barack Obama, whom divulged openly that he had been listing to David’s music on the Rickey Smiley. Our first lady, Michelle Obama, took a liking to the stunning singer as well, and because of the Obamas vast appreciation for his talents, David was invited to perform during their re-electoral campaign in Chicago.

“That was something that I will always remember. But, what I remember the most is that it was the African American--cultured thing. It’s Chicago. So, you have all those people that was there for the workers convention, and you have all these different ethnics out there checking us out. It was really interesting. It was just…uncut,” he commended.

“At first I was like, I’m going to tone it down and try to play for the crowd, and the DJ was playing PYT… I said, ‘Oh, we gonna play off that,” he chuckled. Everyone appreciated it and enjoyed it for what it was. That’s one thing I’ll always cherish about Obama's legacy in the Whitehouse,” he said.

Without a hitch, David is set to hit the stage for the ATL Soul Life Music Festival as a returning guest. The Two-day extravaganza is marked as being the largest annual Soul Music Festival in the SE region. David seems to be excited about it, “The show last year was incredible. We do, in some ways, traditional music—traditional R&B, and soul. Yeah, man. It’s a family affair when people are out there, the whole audience appreciates it. It’s just all around good. I had a great time last year. I wanna do it every year,” he chimed.

David’s creativity is immovable, when asked about creative direction and the importance of playing himself in movie roles, he set the record straight, “Well. That’s a good question. It’s finding the right stuff. It’s not that I have to play myself, because I’m in the movie,” he said. “I play Maurice White actually. It’s just stuff that I can do, that fits for me, and it fits for them. I don’t know that we will always have the luxury—it’s just like any other job, I guess. You’re not going to always pick what you like to do. So, far for me, I’ve had those 2 roles-- well there are 3 roles. I did theater this year. I played a blues man, I did Maurice White (That should be out this year), and I did the thing with Oprah that’s going to be on her TV show, and on her channel. It’s kind of based in a mega church, or something like that. I’m just playing myself in a bar. I think she’s featuring artist, kind of the way they did Empire, I think. I don’t speak, I’m just playing there,” he remarked in a modest tone.

He was lighthearted with his response when asked about his humbleness in the business and if it counts, “Ah, I think there’s stuff that counts when it counts. You know what I’m saying. Especially this (Oprah’s movie). I’m excited about it, but I haven’t really seen how big or small it’s going to be yet. I think it’s going to be big. You’re the first person that I mentioned it to in terms of media cause um, I did it a couple months ago,” he laughed slightly.

Photo Credit Purpose Music Group LLC.

David learned many lessons while on this epic musical journey with regard to time management, keeping it honest, being a good judge of character, and managing his own life with family.

He’s touring light as of now—he spends his time in-between music to do laundry, run errands, read, get studio time in for practice… and while we were interviewing, he was having a new buzzer put on his door at home. Anthony David is as normal as they come which was a relief.

Photo Credit Purpose Music Group LLC.

If you’d like to follow David Anthony’s movements, please visit:

For ATL SoulLife Music Festival: V.I.P tables are available and tickets may be purchased at Ticket Alternative (​) or by calling 1.877.725.8849."

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