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One-Way Conversation in less than 4 minutes...

The video began with the narrator sitting at a table, and pouring himself a much needed glass of cognac—dude was having a Gilbert Gape: No good, very bad, day.

It’s noticeable that something just isn’t right by the way he glides his hand agitatedly through his locks, and stares at the camera with a depleted gaze, filled with frustration—and then, he commences to sharing his story…

Now, you know that I am not going to spill all the TEA… Takes the fun out of the flick… Come ‘on, give me a break! LOL

Small review:

The video was a smooth and unique teaser—definitely thought provoking.

The author, Etrec White, combined poetry with theater by using expressive actors and props, to shed light on the number one killer of relationships—misunderstanding and trust.

Now, I know it sounds odd, but you’d really need to watch the video to gather your own perception for the web movie.

In my opinion: poetry is poetry, and either you get it or you don’t. But, you should totally get this…

White made the flick absorbing by having the narrator(Etrec) tell the love story between the couple.

What should’ve been a joyous occasion became a moment of second guessing and unexpected hurt…

My thoughts:

I think it’s difficult to act, using someone else’s words- and baring explosive sentiment, while being voiceless.

The actors did an exceptional job pulling that off.

I'm not familiar with the women or their work, but I can attest that the main character, Jasmine Yakira, did a beautiful job.

This guy, Keon Taylor, I’ve followed his acting career for quite some time… Taylor does good work for sure, but in this particular piece, it shows that he’s grown tremendously in his craft. Where there used to be an actor that could recite any line, on a whim, without even trying( It’s not say his work was effortless, but he was fire, and he knew it), Taylor blossomed into a character with precision and passion. His body language and facial expression are in-sync with one another like lyrics to a melody. It was actually a treat to see this caterpillar going through metamorphosis.

Again, I’m a fan of color, boldness, sharpness, and catching the right angles—the filmographer nailed all five components in this short.

And to the writer, this dramatic piece was well served and in less than 4 minutes flat…

Now, that’s how the heck you tell a story…


White says that after he wrote the poem, One-Way Conversation, a few friends urged him to challenge himself and turn his poetry into a short film. Of course, for White, this was a fairly new plight-- although he went through a series of criticism, he's glad that he made the decision to challenge the normal and reach beyond what is expected of him.

White has books listed on Amazon. If you really want to get acquainted with his work, follow him ( Guy, is always welcoming positive feedback.

Amazon links:

Now, I guess I'm REALLY done this time:)

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