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What's Your Chocolate Web Series... WOW

What's Your Chocolate aired 12/29/2015 on

Just when I thought I seen it all.

Unfortunately, like many other excellent theatricals and productions, premiering locally, I didn’t see overhype of this web series ( —no hype at all, as a matter of fact. Meaning, not many people, other than the cast members, were talking about this imaginative creation, which is too bad.

Come’on Charlotte and surrounding! You gotta do better with your folk!

Here’s my little tidbit about the flick:

I find the first spin of this series interesting and daring for sure. The couple seen earlier in the bathroom were enamored with one another, and I mean gushing with hunger and passion. I like that aspect of the video. Can you find a person that yearns for you long after the honeymoon phase of your relationship or marriage? Is the fondness still there, or is it being rationed out on special occasions, for show in front of friends and family, or when it’s the designated let’s-get-it-on, time of the week?

And let’s face it, hook-ups take place in many locations, even at a dinner party, and in the bathroom nonetheless.

I think that was explicitly BRAVE-- very brave to have this cheeky pair getting doped up and all hot and bothered for a few moments of sexual exchange, although one person was being pleasured. Um, hell to the no! Okay, now that I got that out… Hunni, you deserve way better than the lack of respect and treatment from a man… If you gotta get high to do it, are you really enjoying yourself? You, didn’t do anything but service him. Wtf! For real? Sorry, I know they are merely characters. LOL… I’m back!

And, Dude… How dare you take wifey to a dinner party and disrespect her by getting frisky with another chick? Arrrrgh! If there’s one thing that pushes my diva-buttons, it’s going out with someone that I really care about, or like, and they’re either making googly eyes at someone else or cup-caking behind my back… Um, am I not enough woman for you—do you need a clonk on the head to remind you that “I’m every woman inside of meeeeeee(LOL… Singing in my Whitney Huston voice)?” And then you wonder why women get all bitchy and distant after the date… Like, did you drive the short bus? Okay, I LOST myself again! Geesh!

This was my brief rundown…

Trust, there were many more elements to the short series that I don’t want to giveaway. However, I’ll commend the writer, directors, and videographers for a wonderfully displayed story, even for a short.

I love the fact that the film permits all types of actors. Some were models and others were average people. I think it’s important to have diversity in a movie: It’s believable.

And, did you see the emotion that rang up from me after watching the video? That’s what you want in any work of art… the consumer, viewer, spectator, or reader should feel the artist’s pleasure and pain within those characters.

I couldn’t draw anything from the facial expressions of the cast because of the mask that they wore. However, I hope these things are revealed a little more in the second installment.

Now as a personal preference, I don’t enjoy watching flat films… What this mean is— I’m a big fan of color… the boldness and sharpness intrigue me. All things work hand-in-hand. Yes, I’m only one person whom look for certain effects in films like color and dexterity. These are the things that make a video commanding. The videographer did an amazing job in that aspect…

There's nothing else to say other than:

I’m interested to see where the rest of this is going. Who does what, why, when, where, and how?

What’s Your Chocolate

www.whatisyourchocolate.comWhat’s Your Chocolate The Web SeriesFb: What's Your Chocolate IG: @whatsyourchocolate. Twitter: @WYChocolate

Executive Team:Timothy McCallum – Creator\Executive

Producer\Head WriterCurtis Reynolds – Executive Producer\Director of Photography\Director\WriterLeo Lavell – Executive Director\Senior Writer\ProducerTonia Williams - Executive AssistantCast:Gwen McCallum as Alex Washington Nicholas Johnson as Vance MartinMar’Ques Woolford as Maxwell Crawford

Kareesh Forreal as Laura Crawford

Tyrue Rembert as Donovan

Ashley Johnson as Stacy Martin

AJ Johnson as Dylan Martin

Travis Stinson as Troy PetersConstance

Rae Reynolds as Iris Jonesas

Bridgette Gadson

Crew: Antwain Fox - Cinematographer\Editor Jahmir Raheem - Director\Videographer Moe Kimble - GRIP Nick – Craft Services

Hair and Make Up: Dana Godbolt - Director of Styling David The Best Hemphill - Senior Hair Stylist Lori Ashley Lofton - Make Up Artist Shannika Marlow - Make Up Artist Sharetta Richard - Make Up Artist Briana Nicholson - Make Up Artist

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