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Photo Credit: Carletta McMillian( Full cast members of Chat & Chew With a View

They sat having a candied conversation with one another, which was difficult to ignore.

He seemed captivated by her presence. She leaned into him just a little, while giggling softly as he whispered in her ear.

Then, abruptly, her smile turned into an angst facial expression. Their muted conversation got louder and louder, garnering the attention of the whole room.

She jumped from her seat and stormed out of the area with him trailing angrily behind...

The dinner guest, comprising of about 50 people, sank in their seats at the same time. The outburst from the lovebirds surprised everyone.

Unbelievably, that was the opening act for the Chat & Chew With a View, Dinner Theater: Private Affairs Edition, hosted by Cedrice (NuffCed Brown), and Melanie (Just Mel) Brown on December 11, 2015 at the 520 Clanton Rd. Suite G Charlotte, NC 28217.

The disruptive couple whom couldn’t hold their peace at the dinner table was one of many short tales throughout the night, enacted by neighboring, and professional actors.

There were about 6 short stories/presentations. After each set, Just Mel, and NuffCed addressed the crowd and talked about the different relationship scenarios, whether it was the office wife and husband getting entirely too flirty and frisky at the workplace or the Facebook antagonist.

There was another scene displayed between husband and wife, who just didn’t work out… He wanted a divorce, and she didn’t see her marriage fading away subtly. He fell out of love from the woman that she had become.

Nichole(Color Me Actress) Grant's performance stood out in a vital way. She played dual roles—in fact, she executed at least four roles during the evening, including the heated argument at the beginning of the show. When asked how she was able to jump into character with riveting facial expressions. She shared that her father was deaf, and instead of only speaking in sign language, she learned to be expressive and endearing with her features as well. She confirmed that she takes this gift onstage with her at each performance. Grant's roles were superior at best.

There were many more attention-grabbing situations and even live performances from sultry songstress, Nikki Canada, Deshawn Chalant Craig(DeChalant), as well as a surprise visit from original cast member, Eric Goodwin.

Goodwin was a walking testament. He received three open-heart surgeries. Doctors and specialist didn't expect for him to live… Goodwin encouraged everyone in the building to love one another and live each day with happiness. He closed out his heartfelt speech with a song that received a standing ovation from the entire room.

The music was another fine attribute to this production. Kobie Keys played the keyboard, along with Doug Trombone. The music was on queue, and the duo never missed a beat.

Ms. Pearly Brown, NuffCed’s mother and chef for the evening, prepared a whopping meal for attendees.

Vendors scattered throughout the open space, with either girly items ready for purchase, in addition to medical insurance, if needed. There was no stone left unturned.

Professional photographer and filmographer, Carletta McMillian, (, captured all the great moments from the event.

In the end, married couple, NuffCed and Just Mel provided a masterful production that was realistic, and humorous through sordid tales of marriage, and relationship woes.

NuffCed and Just Mel shook the ending of 2015 with a successful bang. We earnestly cannot wait to see what spellbinding event they’ve concocted for 2016.

To the entire cast: You’ve done an amazing job!

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