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The frills from the entrance and throughout the building, spun of gold, silver, and purple tapestries.

The evening echoed with elegance, and more importantly, awareness...

On November 19, 2015, the PC Group 365 and the Glitter Prints Group, hosted the 2nd Annual Enchanted Epilepsy Forest Fundraiser at the Palmer Building on 2601 East 7th Street in Charlotte, NC.

Along with many other wonderful events in Charlotte, you probably didn’t hear a lot about it in the news, which is really a downer.

It could be difficult to pick up on the frequencies of each individual affair when there are so many philanthropic happenings going on around the city,.

However, I was pleased to see one radio station that got involved, which is A-1 in my book.

Jazzy B Huntley, from Streetz 103.3 was in the building. This woman is the life of any party. It’s always a pleasure running into her energetic self.

Blogger and Writer for Charlotte Beauty Magzine, Nicole Banks, stepped into the establishment (We really need to stop running into one another... LOL).

There were a few highly regarded designers from the Charlotte area, including Dupp and Swat's, Davita Galloway, socializing, and waiting to present their spectacular designs for the silent auction that took place(I missed that portion of the event).

Several, guest speakers, talked about how epilepsy affected them, people in their family, as well as the number of men, women, and children that it affects in the US.

I'll leave you with this:

It took time for the PC Group and Glitter Prints to construct a breathtaking event like this. It’s noted that the two companies embodied compassion and empathy for the specific disorder and the lives that it affects.

So, through their collaborative efforts they decorated the building and allowed participants to come out and saunter on the red carpet with poise and pride, for one evening of wakefulness-- awareness about epilepsy.

Yes, it is a fundraiser for a murmured and worthy cause.

I really hope to see more faces at the next event(Hopefully I'm invited back) and more exposure for this group.

They truly deserve more emphasizes…

Click on beautiful photos to view the expanded slideshow. Bear in mind that as a blogger, we take photos, but can only salvage the best...

Photo Credits: Tawanda Blake

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