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BIG businesses on wheels!

The malls and local outlets weren’t the only places offering deals during Thanksgiving weekend-- and, if you thought that Black Friday was the best time to shop, you were totally wrong!

On November 28, 2015, vendors parked their whimsical trucks at 1517 Camden rd., and allowed patrons to enter into their creative boutiques for the Small Business Saturday kick-off.

((Small Business Saturday recognizes entrepreneurs that have smaller enterprises. The worldwide holiday allows entrepreneurs a specific day to promote their brands, openly and publically without backlash.)

Kimberly Robinson, the gracious owner of Sole Addiction presented her women’s shoes for the fall. As usual, Robinson did not disappoint.

Below you’ll find an assortment of trendy styles from the Sole Addiction(

Kimberly Robinson, Owner of the Sole Addiction

Cool kicks from Sole Addiction

A few selections from the Sole Addiction

Carline Sitterud, owner of Curvaceous Closet (, allowed us a tour of her fancy truck filled with select plus size garments and shoes for women.

Carline Sitterud, Owner of Curvasiou Closet

Sitterud said she was tired of visiting department stores whom carried plus size clothing that didn’t accentuate the beautiful and curvy woman.

Curvaceous Closet

She decided to carry and sustain her own brand of fashions that emphasizes curvatures, adding sex appeal, and definition to the woman wearing the clothes, instead of taking away from her style and appeal.

Curvaceous Closet

Sitterud started her business after being in corporate America, “I was in finance for a long time, and I was looking into going into nursing, and I was at a crossroads. So , I started this up. I’ve been doing this since May 2014.”

Curvaceous Closet

I asked Sitterud if she’s seen any growth from when she began a year ago, and she said, “Oh, my gosh! Yes! Every month, more and more people see it. My fan base just grows,” she said.

“Right now, I’m trying to get Curvaceous Closet all over the United States. It’s going to take a little bit of time, but that’s all I’m working on now.”

Curvaceous Closet

Sitterud jokes elatedly when asked what sizes she carries, “I cater to one hundred and ten,” she said

“I carry all sizes, from 4 to 24. Women of all shapes and sizes can shop together,. When you go into a store, it’s either small, medium, and large, and they don’t go into plus sizes; and, when you go into a Lane Bryant, it’s all 14 to 24, and they don’t have any small sizes. I’ve incorporated everything together to where women can shop together, especially if it’s a party setting. It’s really nice.”

Mirror Mirror was another secret treasure that we stumbled apon.

Mirror Mirror

The Owner, Sheila Coleman-Shuford was a treat if I’ve ever saw one. She welcomed us onto her “Accessory Boutique” with a beaming smile.

Sheila Coleman-Shuford(left) her daughter(right)

You can contact Mirror Mirror at 716-812-3674, or (

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