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Mark Harris, Jack of all trades...

Director, Writer, Producer, and Chi-town(Chicago) native, Mark Harris, is making a sweeping exodus from 2015 with his latest film work, My First Love, and Stock Option. You might remember his flick, Black Coffee, starring the cool and unperturbed actor, Darrin Henson.

Mark attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where he majored in English. He left college after a few semesters, and returned to Chicago, while working a fulltime gig. However, that type of labor wasn't for Mark. He made a life altering decision that would either make his career or break it-- he went back to writing.

Harris has written, produced, and directed three films, while executing production and directorial roles in thirteen other films, including credits with Warner Brothers.

The 39- year -old filmmaker is founder of the annual Englewood International Film Festival in Chicago. The festival welcomes natives of the city, directors, actors, and writers, for a three-day event, featuring five films, and free acting workshops. The film festival ran from 10/22/2015 until 10/25/2015.

The Englewood International Film Festival is stirring up positive commotion in Chicago. Even the actor, and hip-hop artist, Common and the Common Ground Foundation, transported students to take advantage of the Youth Workshop. In my opionon, if Harris got Common onboard with the festival, then Guy, is really making an empact.

Mark Harris's involvements does not go unseen-- Mark partnered with AMC Theaters for a theatrical release of his film Black Coffee. Black Coffee aired on BET as one of the featured films, and it was available for rental at my favorite location-- the Redbox, in addition to Netflix(Yeah, I copped it).

Harris united with Entertainment One, Image Entertainment, RLJ Entertainment BET, Codeblack Entertainment, Warner Brothers, SignaEntertainment, Indican Pictures, and Hannover Pictures for distribution of his imaginative films.

Mark Harris is a welcoming guy and he’s been that way since our first encounter via social networks. It doesn't matter who he knows or what he does. Harris doesn't talk titles, he's a visionairy, and in his vision, everyone succeeds.

Check him out:

Why did you feel compelled to work a nine-to-five and then go back to writing? While writing I still had responsibilities I have to take care of.

I hear that you participated in the Black Film Festival here(Charlotte, NC). Why start your own? How difficult was it to create and orchestrate the Englewood International Film Festival? The Englewood International Film Festival was started in order to show the community in a positive light and to showcase talent from all walks of life.

Do you think the film industry is lacking? Yes, of course, When you are afraid to take chances on new material and new ideas and continue to only depend on remakes for your survival you are lacking something.

Let’s talk about “My first Love…” How’d you come up with the concept? Ask my wife lol.

What can viewers expect from your film, “Stock Option?” We should never judge a book by its cover.

Out of all your films, which one is the trophy piece? I don't look at it like this. But, I believe "I Used To Love Her" its very much underappreciated.

When you direct and produce, how do you decide which cast members you’re going to use? What screams to your gut, “ This is my franchiser!” I don't cast my producers do the casting.

In what way has scoring the contract with AMC Theaters, Netflix, and BET, grown you? When reading the reviews and taking in all the feedback and apply it to make you better in areas where you are weak. The people grow me.

You have left a lasting impression with many that you’ve worked with… Why do you think that is? I have no idea. I just try to be honest, sincere and treat people like I want to be treated.

Will Mark Harris show up onset and on the big screen, or do you think it’s rudimentary for the writer, director, and producer to appear in his own films? I will not be in any of my films. I don't have the kind of discipline to act. My focus is ts stay behind the camera.

Are you writing or directing any horror films, or, are you married to the love stories? I plan to write and direct science fiction films in the future. Words of wisdom for the younger directors, writers, producers, and actors that want to be in film: Just do it. No one can stop you. Only you can stop yourself.

For ticket purchases for the Englewood International Film Festival, please visit:

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