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The “Elevate Me Mastermind” was created by founder Melisa Alaba, who after facing a divorce decided she would not be an economical statistic as some women might. Divorce is a harrowing experience for a woman. I mean, just the thought of becoming a single parent abruptly is startling especially if that’s not something you wanted. Alba decided instinctively that her new life wouldn’t begin or end in despair and neither would her children. It’s easy for a child to become the victim because of the sins of his or her father—meaning the decisions that the parents make. Alba wouldn’t have it, and so it began.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, she catapulted her business, and right after she hit six figures within three months, she decided that her methods were conclusive. She didn’t want to keep the “secret” to herself of how to not just maintain in this scaling-down market, but flourish. Soon after, Melisa began hearing from other women who had similar struggles that started out like hers. She began working one-on-one with a client as a motivator, life coach, and trainer. She was told that her client needed to delay their alternating sessions of self-reliance due to uncertainty. Melisa knew in that instant that she had to do more. She knew that there were other women just like her client that needed help. So, she called her client and asked an earnest question, "Are you ready to change your situation for good?” Her client answered with a resolute, “Yes.”

Alba launched the Elevate Me Mastermind a month later. However, she would start this prosperous business with four other women that exemplified the same core values as her-- who expressed their deep desire to grow their business. Over the 90 days with the women, God revealed to Melisa that He loved African-American women and that it was time to for them to return to their roots. There is an ancestral root of helping one another. She understands that their group of women and others, are gathers who have an abundant history of being successful business women and leaders within the communities. Elevate Me is not just a mastermind, but it is a sisterhood—an infinity to inspire, encourage and cheer their sisters on for success. They believe that integrity is key to success. They are transparent and giving in communications.

The Elevate Me mission is to serve, empower and launch women into their inheritance and greatness. From my understanding, the Elevate Me program helps women to bring out the vision in their lives. Their motto is, “We are the designers of our life. Everything we have and are is because of what we did or didn’t do yesterday. We are owners of our destiny and victim-hood is not in our vocabulary. We are our sister’s keeper. Our vision is to launch women around the world in being world class business women and leaders that provide for their families and communities.”

The compelling, and spiritually inclined group of women want to help other women mature their talents and use them by investing the time wisely and learning strengths as well as weaknesses so that gifts work for you and not against you.

The Elevate Me Mastermind hosts an UnConference. Each UnConference is diverse. Each member brings distinctive prospective and endowments to the setting. From Orange County to the Carolinas, Women around the world gain access and they learn about different industries and business models. UnConference helps them recognize their dreams and goals by advancing from a broken business model to one that is prosperous. Attendees leave with individual plans and steps to increase their revenue in thirty days.

Believe it or not, the Elevate Me Mastermind launch is days away.

We are destined for something spectacular... I earnestly believe that if you want to change your circumstances, you can. You can walk bravely into destiny and conquer the world... So, the choice is yours, ladies... trying never hurt anyone...

The Master Leaders Moriah Morningstar, Katherine Waddell, Dru Ealons, Melisa Alaba and Jaha Knight would like to encourage women to attend their first virtual Unconference happening on October 9, 2015.

The Elevate Me Master Minds believe that women are realizing their dreams and making a decision to follow them. They want to be the soundboard and help others unlock the doors to their true capabilities and visions by giving them strapping wings to soar.

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