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Although INTERRUPTED had a series of questions for the successful Author, Omar Tyree , he was pretty forthcoming with his responses,"VISIT MY SITE!" LOL... I tried guys, I really did. We must honor that request respectfully. Truthfully, you can't get anymore straight to the point, or forward than that. Wait! Wait! Wait! I was able to get one unrestricted response out of the vet... And trust me, this was the absolute last question... I asked Mr. Tyree if he had any words of wisdom for up and coming, producers, authors, and writers... His response was frank:

"I've been saving this for years, "Writers write!" So stop thinking about it and make it happen. You also want to read a lot to keep your mind on a lot of different ideas. A closed mind does not create anything. So keep your thoughts open.

For all of your inquiries about Omar Tyree's latest projects and films please visit:

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