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Tony Terry's Sound is Sinfully Exquisite! Full Interview

I think what I love most about the skilled and talented crooner is that he is indeed from the Carolinas-- Pinehurst to be exact. Can I get a whoop-whoop!

Tony Terry emerged as one of the greatest vocalist of all times. His magnum opus, “With You” is still the number one DJ favorite for wedding songs in the traditional love ballads category.

It’s without a doubt that Terry’s conditioning at the Duke Ellington School of Arts was a magnificent preparation for the young singer. He continued to excel in his craft, while nurturing his endowed vocals as a background singer for the Boogie Boys, and then the Sweet Sensations. He signed with Epic Records in 1987, releasing his first single, “She’s Fly”.

Terry released another hit single from that album, “Forever Yours” in 1988. In 1990, he released his second album that carried the “walk in the park, smell the flowers, and kiss under the pale moonlight” love narrative, “With You.” Tony went on to make numerous hit after hit, granting him two Soul Train Music Award nominations as well as the Artist of the Year for a video that was executive produced by Anita Baker and directed by Blair Underwood.

Terry released “Heart of a Man in 1994, and sang background vocals for Yolanda Adams on “More than a Melody.” Tony was a presenter at the 6th Annual Soul Train Music Awards, and in addition to the 19th Annual Music Awards. Now, I can go on and on about Tony Terry and his compelling past. However, I want to creep into the future because he isn’t the singer that’s doing an autobiography about what was, cause he is still very much so booming at a prevalent speed and rate.

There’s another thing amongst many attributes that I love about Tony Terry. The guy is so smooth and casual. I believe he is such the humble-jack (My new word like lumberjack). He would’ve given me this interview even if I would’ve said, “Hey, Tony, I want to put the recording in my keepsake-box just because. You cool with that?” And he would’ve obliged without hesitancy. I swear he would’ve. He’s an uncorrupted sweetheart. His humility is indescribable.

Right after he released his latest single, “Dance for Hours,” Terry was updating his FaceBook post for a family in crisis. What artist stops promotion of their LP, and then endorses someone else that’s not even in lime light, or the thick of things, simply because they are in a pressing need of assistance. Truth be told, we see how stressful it can get on release week for artist—and how ugly a person can behave, especially on Social Media when those albums drop (Side Eye. No shade though). Terry wasn’t like that at all. In fact, INTERRUPTED queried about the selfless act, and again Terry just said what he had to say, “Man, well, you know… It was the circumstance and someone in need. God, put them in front of me and I helped. I did what I’d like to think someone else would do, or at least, do for me if I needed it. So… I really don’t want to make a big deal out of it. Maybe it was selfless. You treat people the way you want to be treated. Someone was in need and I was able to help out, and so we did.”

Terry is a singer that’s blazed a trail for years. We get that. We know that. However, his newest single, “Dance for Hours,” initiates ranges from the vocalist that we’ve never heard before. His tenor is like a spool of golden silk. It’s mesmerizing. Good gracious, the man would make you fall in love with him just by watching the You Tube video. His libretto is very different from his single two years ago. Definitely a daring change that gave him an efficacious result. “The song two years ago was ‘All I need.” I didn’t put it on an album. That album, “I Tony T,” is coming out on a Monarchy label. I think that album is actually pulling out on October 16. In other words, I have two albums coming out on two different days. The new album “Through My Eyes”, is also coming this year. “Dance for Hours,” is on the LP, “Through my Eyes.” The album really is just a collection of songs from my point of view. They aren’t necessarily love songs, but life songs, I guess,” says Terry.

That’s pretty major. How does that make you feel to have two albums coming out at the same time? “I hope it works. If it works, it would make me feel great. It would make me feel lucky,” he chuckles jubilantly.

What should we expect from this single? The single is doing well. I think we broke the top twenty this week in Urban AC. It’s doing well. It’s done well, and it’s getting a decent amount of airplay. Hopefully, we’ll continue to grow that, and kind of set it up for the album to come out. Hopefully, we’ll be dropping a remix very soon. The single is dimensional grown folk’s music. I also think it has mass appeal, and certainly the remix. The remix is banging, and when that drops I know it’s going to be gold. It’s a great record.

Are you traveling with the album? I’m actually on the road right now. I’m on my way to Alabama, and then Atlanta, then back to Birmingham, Alabama, on Sunday. I’ve done a few radio interviews and magazine stuff.

What about the single, “Loveaholic?” Oh, that’s when you on that “good-good (he laughed so hard from this).” Loveaholic is a dance record that’s out. That’s on the other album, “I Tony T.”

Why did you switch it up with Loveaholic? I knew the albums were coming out at the same time and I really didn’t want them to compete. So, I made the first single off that album an EDM—electronic-dance- music. It’s an international kind of sound and a pit-bull sounding record. They are different genres. One is a dance music and the other is R&B. They won’t compete for the same spot on the radio. The station that plays Loveaholic is not going to play Dance for Hours, and vice versa. Every kid that listens to Loveaholic goes bananas!

Do you think that soulful music still has a place in this era? “Yeah, of course. It might not necessarily have a place in radio, but people still wanna have it. They still wanna own it. They still wanna listen to good love song. The world is bigger than radio, although it is good to have radio on your side.

You were recently in a play, right? I’m doing one. I’m about to be doing another one. I recently finished one. In the music business, you’re busy and you’re not busy. Your’e busy and you’re not busy. I’m grateful for that.

What are the names of your plays? One is with Chrisette Michelle, called “When we all fall apart.” It’s about a family that has everything, and suddenly what they are used to, all changes. They have to pull their life together. What do you do when it all falls apart? It’s a faith-based play. It’s really a powerful piece. I’m working on another piece with Ann Nesby, and I’m working on “Car Wash” the musical. It’s some things happening.

What about your non-profit organization? I was working with the Fibromyalgia Association along with my wife. She still works with them, but I’m not so much. My wife was living with Fibromyalgia for a few years. She decided to use her voice for education and awareness to the organization and the condition.

Do you think that you’ll be working with other non-profits? Yeah. Yeah. I like to do charitable things.

What do you have to say to people that’s waiting on your next sound, that’s excited to know that you’re doing the dog’on thang? I say, you’ve been waiting and the time has come. I’m about to release it and I’m really excited about it. I hope people support the project. People say all the time that they want to know if I’m putting out something new, and now that the time has come, I hope people support it.

You gotta rock with this guy. You can’t go wrong with him or his music. You can follow Terry on FaceBook at Tony Terry, or IG under @MrTonyTerry. His Twitter handle is the same…

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