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"I got my Gangsta Boogy with my Gansta Boo!" Ha! I feel charged and hype with just the thought of Pink Kissz Boutique on my mental.

Of course, like I find many other treasures via FaceBook, I stumbled across this modernized boutique, ran and operated by Regina Dior. I said to myself, "Self, you need to creep by their place of refuge, culvert op, and see what's good with it. Well, I must say when I did my unannounced pop-up, I was highly pleased. Ms. Dior did a spectacular job with her creation and presentation of Pink Kissz--not that I expected anything less.

Pink Kissz: Dior carries trendy and hip apparel that anyone could vibe with. I think that's what really caught my eye about this diva-don-dada. It was her commentary on the t-shirts and tube dresses. There's one specific dress that comes to mind. Its black onyx with the gold stenciled lettering, "Beyoncé with a hint of Bob Marley," written in the front. Dior has another cute little ensemble for the "Thug Misses" that's turning heads and snappen necks; with the right bod, of course, "Pretty Girls Love Trap Music." That's one of the sexiest and dopest pieces ever (Snaps fingers and rolls eyes with much attitude on that one)! Dior didn't stop at just the dresses. She carries a select display of garbs, clutch purses, and accessories. I didn't see a lot of the same thing, which is an uber plus. Anyone that rocks the apparel pretty much owns the swag.

Photo Credit: Pink Kissz

Can I get there without turmoil?

Parking and location is paramount to any successful business. I swear, parking literally turns my tummy with a lot of establishments. I want to get in and out smoothly without a meter charge (secret surcharge). Feel me? I don’t mind traveling. I've gone to the wonders of the world just for support. However, as a business, you really want to make sure that it's easily accessible and a neutral location especially for out-of-towners, and people that's not familiar with the highways and byways of Charlotte, even if they live here. Dior nailed those components hands down!

Are they friendly? I also appreciate quality customer service…

ShaQurilla Tillman, Diors salesperson was extremely helpful. Although I asked many questions about Dior, Tillman kept it brief and referred me to Dior for additional questions (You won't get any “Enquire” secrets on her watch). However, she did share with me something that rocked me to my core about the owner of the store. Dior works full-time at a dialysis facility…

Success has no age limit. If you think you're too young or old to own your business, then you're sadly mistaken. I am in awe at Dior's accomplishments and desires to bring her vision and her dream into fruition. Do you know how difficult it is to take your business from online to inside a building all- the -while working a full-time gig. My hat goes off to you Ms. Dior. As an entrepreneur, you've given a road map for others like yourself to follow.

Pink Kissz Boutique 5028 S Blvd D Charlotte NC 28217

Photo Credit: Pink Kissz

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