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Community is how we does it!

Fun in the sun has a completely new meaning!

One of my lovely friends, LaJuina Baca, tagged me in a flyer about a “Back 2 School Give Back,” hosted by The Anthony Morrow Foundation… Earnestly, I deliberated most of the morning, if I should pop-in. Dude, this was my first weekend without any kids. I was planning to do nothing other than meet with a good friend for coffee, and give my brain a daycation. Fah reeeal! Then I thought looooong and hard. You love events that give back and require no applause. Take INTERRUPTED and go! (Aaaah, I like that sound of that!)

INTERRUPTED blog spot meandered across that good ole back to school jamboree on September 5, 2015. We recognize that most Community and City leaders typically host these cabarets before school starts. Well, I guess that’s what makes this particular session all the more special. It’s the second week of school, and who doesn’t need a splash of fun after cramming to find classes, getting accustomed to structure, learning new rules, and wading in the morning traffic like ducklings as the school busses go round-and-round. It was a much-needed break.

Shalonda Gallman, a direct representative of Warren Turner, District 3, spoke to the crowd about the importance of voting and the impact that Warren had in the community. Warren was one of the reasons that we were able to get the Wal-Mart on Wilkerson Blvd. I think that was a great initiative to be completely frank. As far as Gallman is concerned, this woman should run for a seat in the House of Representatives, although she will remind people that she isn’t polished just yet.

I missed Anthony by a hair. I didn’t need to speak with him to witness the community in action as they took deed on behalf of the children in the area with games, food, a DJ, and a village—it takes a village to raise a child. I’m going to close this out in just a sec and add this last thing because I don’t want to miss church. I really enjoyed watching the performance from the “Reliable Brothers.” These twins love dancing and entertaining. They are a noble pair and I hope that some super-choreographer picks their routine up and tour them outside of the Carolinas. Okay, beat the clock! And, we’re done!

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