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Darrin Henson Talks Chocolate City & Life as a Choreographer

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

I gotta love Jones for your body and your skin tone-- five minutes alone…”

His coiffured hair is neat and glinted under the right lighting. His impeccable glare for fashion whether it’s on the big screen, or in the gym training, is always model-ready and dressed to astound.

We’ve watched Darrin Henson in powerful and dramatized roles throughout the years. He’s portrayed as a scrumptiously bold man in every disposition possible. We knew him as Lem, the Bad Boy turned good in the hit Showtime series, “Soul Food,” and then the rival to Columbus Shorts character in the 2007 Box Office hit, “Stomp the Yard.” In 2008 Henson played the principled fullback, Jim Brown, in the “Express.” He was the doting husband in “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” “Life Support (Queen Latifah),” and recently “Magnus,” a racy and defiant character in the 2015 production, “Chocolate City.”

He’s made appearances in “Being Mary Jane,” “Gillian in Georgia,” and “Lincoln Heights.” His movie credits is elongated. Although he’s been around for many years dabbling in different virtuosities as choreographer, motivational speaker, celebrity trainer, and author, one would think that he was a little brash, as a lot of big time actors are after years in spotlight. Naah, not Darrin. “Thank you so much for having me. Please forgive my tardiness. As you can imagine, today has been a plentiful day,” says Henson. When asked how it felt to be a four-time nominee of the NAACP Image awards, his response was more than commendable, “I’m always thankful," he says.

"I don’t wait for someone to give me accolades. God gives the reward and people give the award. Whether or not people give me the award, God gives me the reward-- so I focus on what God wants me to do, and what I can do; and, that’s where I stand. Whether people are happy, thankful, glad, mad, jealous, or excited for my success, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m not confused by the accolades and I don’t allow ego to run my life. Ego to me means edging God out which you can never do. I know that I’m blessed and favored. I’m highly thankful.”

There is nothing more attractive on a man than his edgy exterior and modest interior.

Henson authored a manuscript entitled “Aint That the Truth.” The narrative is a book that encourages readers to peruse their dreams. It focuses on self-reflection, appreciation, and value. Henson cemented himself in this difficult and shifty industry through hard work and dedication against all odds. It was his moral obligation to share his testimony, and successful life path with readers much like himself—the idealist.

Henson is a celebrity fitness coach. His main objective through fitness and dance is to help you improve, and maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun. He manufactured two videos, “Get into Groove and in shape,” as well as “Get Fit Stay Fit.” Hensens buzz worthy video “Get into Groove and in shape” marketed at three million copies. Speaking of his dance moves, Darrin is identified as the rawest choreographer in the industry. His snazzy dance moves landed him an MTV Music Award (Best Choreography) for N’ Sync’s single “Bye Bye Bye.” Guy is tough! Henson has worked with industry favorites such as Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilara, Prince, Usher, and of course, N’sync.

Henson walks proudly to the beat of unpretentiousness. You can’t go wrong in this life when dealing with morality, and he gets that. Not only does Darrin write self-help parables, he is also Charity Spokesperson for the M.A. Lee Scholars Fund, a charitable foundation to provide financial assistance to graduating seniors that desire the resources to attend secondary school, or in other words, college.

Henson has been nominated by NAACP for his significant contributions in the communities.

So tell us about Chocolate City and Magnus:

Magnus is one of the preexisting characters before Robert Rashad’s character comes in. Magnus has a problem with this new dancer because he wins amateur night and the women go crazy, and the problem with that is that it’s only so much money that can go around and clearly, there’s less dollars that’s going to be put in Magnus’s hands.

Did you enjoy this role? What was one of your most meaningful roles?

This role is a very good role for me. The film is a very good film and I was thankful. This is not a role that I had done before. I try to approach each character separately from the character previously. This movie is a different movie. It’s about the subculture of this exotic dancer. What it talks about and tells the story about is the subculture of dancers that we don’t get to see in our society. We always talk about female strip clubs. But male dancers, there’s a whole different world. There’s jealousy and fantasy worlds that go on. The money that is being made is outstanding.

With you being a choreographer, were you able to bring your own moves onto the set?

I choreographed the whole film. The director asked me if I could choreograph it, so I did. But, it was very different for me. It was really intimidating to do this film. You know, as a choreographer, you have clothes that are helpful to the movement of whatever you are doing. But, when you are almost naked onstage, it can be very intimidating, especially in front of three or four hundred women.

Acting is your life. However, do you ever miss normalcy?

What does normal mean to you anyway? Well, acting and normalcy—we live in an environment that’s integrated with people’s lives like reality TV shows. Normal for me is jumping into my pool early in the morning, praying early in the morning, just giving thanks for my day, jogging and working out. It’s really allowing myself to be at one with myself, which is nature, and God. I just try to be as normal as I can. When I meet and greet people on the street, any- and-everyday, I just send them blessings, love, and light, and keep it moving. Acting is what I do. It’s not who I am. Darrin Dewitt Henson is who I am, and even more than that. Acting is what I do, and when I’m acting, I enjoy it because I can convey information and a message to people that they can feel and associate with it.

What else is in the works for you? I am the detective on “Single Ladies.” Following the “Chocolate City” movie, I have “Sons to the Grave” coming out and another film called “The Choir Director.” I have a lot going on this year, and I’m really excited about more company… But I won’t disturb you with that. However, right now, in theaters, “Chocolate City."

"Chocolate City" is success as a choreographer, to his technical strength, attention to detail, and love of risk-taking.

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